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Wisconsin K - 12 Online Charter School

Accredited online classes equip Wisconsin elementary, middle and high school students with the tools to flourish academically and professionally. Parents and students fully control the balance of schooling, extra curriculars and skill building necessary for college and career success.

Even better – it’s FREE for Wisconsin residents under 21.

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Jasey Rae
Education Level:
High School
full time online public school in Wisconsin Full Time

Make the switch to full-time online schooling during Wisconsin's open enrollment period.

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part time online public school in Wisconsin Part Time

Enroll in an online class or two to graduate early or make up high school credits.

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immediate transfer to online K-12 school in Wisconsin Immediate

Transfer immediately by meeting the requirements and mailing in your application.

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Graduate with a real, legitimate high school diploma

A diploma earned online through eAchieve is every bit as legitimate as a diploma earned through any school in the Wisconsin Public School System. Online public school diplomas are 100% valid: No eAchieve graduate has ever had their diploma rejected by university admissions departments.

Online learning

Taking online high, middle or elementary school courses has many benefits. Your child will learn at his/her own pace, on his/her schedule and without any social interference. The quality of instruction is better than in a traditional school, and eAchieve Academy is Wisconsin’s best online alternative. The benefits:

Wisconsin online K-12 school principal Rick Nettesheim

Welcome to eAchieve Academy, a comprehensive online school serving Wisconsin students in grades K - 12

eAchieve Academy has an incredibly diverse student population. Some of our students are accomplished athletes or performers while others are frequent travelers. Some have health challenges while others didn't feel comfortable in their previous school. Many of our students want more academic rigor but prefer to work at their own pace. About 25% of our students came from a home schooling environment prior to attending eAchieve.

While the reasons students choose an online school vary, the motive behind enrolling at eAchieve Academy is often more specific - our reputation for academic excellence, individualized attention, safety, and control over their own schedule.

For the last twelve years, Wisconsin families have turned to eAchieve Academy for a flexible, high quality, personalized education, and we've graduated more students than all other Wisconsin online high schools combined.

Read more about the unique benefits of eAchieve Academy, including our superior academic results, comprehensive support network, veteran dedicated staff and varied club and social connections.

Become part of the eAchieve Academy community by applying during open enrollment. Please contact us at any time with any questions. Thank you for considering eAchieve!


Rick Nettesheim

Principal | eAchieve Academy

Read reviews from students, parents & eAchieve graduates

Students and parents across Wisconsin have reported excellent results taking advantage of eAchieve Academy's FREE online program. Students, parents, graduates, and teachers all extoll the virtues of flexible and challenging K-12 online coursework with eAchieve Academy.

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High-quality teaching meets flexible online learning

Many parents struggle deciding what kind of school to enroll their child in. Traditional schools have great teachers and support networks, but the regimented schedule is not for everybody. Online schools are more flexible. Wisconsin parents are fortunate to have the option of eAchieve Academy. By joining our online schooling program, students get the best of both worlds.

Like traditional schools, eAchieve Academy

Additionally, online elementary, middle and high school students at eAchieve Academy:

  • Freely express their individuality
  • Plan school around their lives, not their lives around school
  • Progress at their own rate, not at the speed of a group
  • Focus completely on academics with no social drama to distract from learning
  • Frequently have many traits of successful online students

Free laptop (for keeps) for qualified students

eAchieve Academy provides laptops to full-time Wisconsin online elementary, middle and high school students absolutely free. At the end of the school year, the laptop is yours to keep.

While it is your responsibility to get dependable internet service, eAchieve Academy helps cover the cost with an internet stipend each semester.

Get qualified for a free laptop & learn more about our free laptop program.

Free online AP courses for Wisconsin students

eAchieve offers free online AP courses for Wisconsin residents under 21. Pick from a wide variety of classes including psychology, calculus, world history, and music theory.

If you need additional information on high school AP classes or help deciding whether they’re right for you, please contact us with your questions.

Public school district choices in Wisconsin

You have options for schools no matter which Wisconsin school district you live in. Finding the right school depends on many factors and you have a choice.

Public schools in your area are NOT your only option. Students under 21 living anywhere in the state are welcome to apply at eAchieve.

Charter school available to all Wisconsin students

Looking for an alternative to a traditional brick-and-mortar K-12 school for your child? You may be interested in a public charter school

eAchieve Academy is a free online public charter school available for full-time enrollment or as a supplement to homeschooling.

Choosing high school classes based on career goals

If you already know what type of work you’d like to do after high school, eAchieve can help you prepare now. We have an incredibly wide selection of online high school courses and career-planning resources to help you reach your goals.

Motivated students can take advantage of our online learning platform to earn a real high school diploma, graduate early, and choose the subjects and courses most likely to benefit them in a specific college major or career path.

The best electives to take in high school depend on your plans after graduation. Learn more about recommended high school classes for:

Our online school counseling services not only help students stay on track for graduation – they can help you plan for the future. Enrolling at eAchieve Academy helps career-minded students succeed academically and beyond.

Online K-12 school works for Wisconsin students & families

Our students choose virtual education because it works for a wide variety of lifestyles:

There’s no one-size-fits-all education solution. eAchieve Academy is a convenient and flexible option for Wisconsin families when traditional schooling isn’t working.

Live outside Wisconsin? You can still apply to our online charter school

Online classes for elementary, middle and high school students are also available (with paid tuition) to non-Wisconsin residents. Learn more about K-12 online class options for students nationwide and how to get started.

The benefits of online high, middle and elementary school are clear

Signing up for eAchieve Academy’s online high school classesonline middle school classes or online elementary school classes brings many benefits. Your child will learn at his/her pace, on his/her schedule and without any social interference. The quality of the instruction is better than they would receive in a normal school and eAchieve Academy is Wisconsin’s best, independent virtual alternative. For parents on a tight budget, the free laptop and no tuition fee means you can afford to send your child to an academically sound institution without harming your finances.

Interested students can apply for enrollment in our online high, middle and elementary school through the Wisconsin Public School Open Enrollment program.

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