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High School

Online Wisconsin Charter High, Middle and Elementary School

Now accepting open enrollment applications!

The regular open enrollment application period for the 2019-2020 school year is February 4th - April 30th, 2019.

To apply NOW click over to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to begin the enrollment process. If you'd like more info about enrolling with eAchieve Academy, click the blue "Enrollment info" button below:

Tuition-free online school for elementary, middle and high school students in Wisconsin

eAchieve Academy is Wisconsin’s leading online elementary, middle and high school serving students in grades K-12. An independent, tuition-free virtual public charter school operated by the School District of Waukesha, eAchieve Academy features a flexible, individualized approach to learning integrated in a rigorous, engaging online curriculum with extraordinary support from experienced, Wisconsin-certified teachers. eAchieve Academy has the distinction of being the only virtual charter school in the country to be included on a national news magazine’s list of the top high schools in America.

Online high school for home schoolers and other students seeking supplementary classes

eAchieve Academy provides an option for full-time students throughout Wisconsin seeking an alternative to traditional schooling. eAchieve Academy also offers part-time enrollment for students who want to supplement their current classroom-based or homeschool program. Students can even take a class their current school does not offer. eAchieve Academy students have a proven track record of academic achievement, receiving high scores on standardized tests, Advanced Placement and college entrance exams. eAchieve Academy’s graduates have been accepted into colleges, universities and technical colleges all over the country.

7 Undeniable Pros of Online School
1. Learn Wherever There's Internet
Online high schools like eAchieve Academy allow you to study and do coursework wherever there is an Internet connection. This flexibility allows students to pursue interests and opportunities traditional schooling doesn't allow.
2. Learn When Your Schedule Allows
One of the best parts of online high schools like eAchieve Academy is the opportunity to fit education around your schedule. Of course there are specific deadlines, but unlike traditional schooling, you aren't locked into an 8am to 3pm schedule everyday.
3. It's Completely FREE
Unlike most of the online high schools out there, eAchieve Academy is completely free for Wisconsin students. eAchieve Academy operates as a part of the Waukesha School District, so it works just like a traditional public school and takes part in open enrollment.
4. Free Laptop and Internet Stipends
Not all families can afford to buy their student a laptop and high speed Internet. We offer all full-time students a free laptop and a $60 Internet stipend per semester.
5. Legitimate & Real High School Diploma
Potential students may worry a diploma from an online high school won't hold up when applying to college. The high school diploma eAchieve students receive is the same diploma given by traditional high school in Wisconsin. In fact, many of our students attend 4-year universities around the U.S.
6. Real Experienced Teachers
eAchieve teachers are held to the highest standards. All of our teachers are 100% Wisconsin state-certified,and most have obtained their master's degrees. They prepare for each semester as a teacher in a traditional school setting would.
7. Learn Incredibly Valuable Life Skills
eAchieve students learn organizational and time-management skills early on in their high school careers. To succeed in online high school, students need to plan their days at a higher level than a student in a traditional setting would. These skills prepare students to succeed in life after high school.

How Many Credits do I Need to Graduate High School in Wisconsin?

Why choose eAchieve Academy as an online schooling option?

Every student's learning style and life situation is unique. With eAchieve Academy, you won't have to start and end the school day at the same time, rotate class periods at the same time, and complete assignments on the same due date as everyone else.

The standard school routine works great for many kids, but others excel in a more flexible environment to help them achieve their academic and life goals. eAchieve Academy provides an alternative online high school, middle school and elementary school education option for Wisconsin young people.

For parents and students opting to homeschool, eAchieve Academy allows students to take specific classes, including honors and AP courses. This supplementary learning allows students to receive the best instruction Wisconsin has to offer while still being home schooled. 

If you're already looking ahead and know what college you or your child would one day like to apply to, our high school schedule planners take into account the college admission requirements of any schools you may be considering. 

eAchieve Academy is a Wisconsin online K-12 school open to all students under 21 statewide.

Public school district choices in Wisconsin

Know all of your options for schools by school district in Wisconsin. Choosing a school depends on many factors and you have a choice. Public schools nearby are NOT your only option. Find a full list of school options near you in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin school district choices

Charter schools - public, private & online

Looking for an alternative to a traditional brick-and-mortar K-12 school for your child? You may be interested in a public charter school. Some charter schools are brick-and-mortar and some offer online classes as a supplement or full-time alternative.

Wisconsin charter school choices

eAchieve Academy’s online high school program produces great results

Like traditional schools, eAchieve Academy gives students a great academic base. In fact, eAchieve Academy’s students score higher on their ACT college admission test than average Wisconsin public school students. eAchieve Academy students also routinely score higher than students at other online high schools in Wisconsin.

In addition to academics, eAchieve Academy fosters critical skills needed to succeed in college, work and life. Our online program is taken at your own pace, teaching students life-long self-motivation, time management, independent thinking, problem solving, and technology skills. Learn more about the benefits of online education, or how to transfer high schools in Wisconsin.

Looking for online summer school courses?

Unfortunately we're not able to offer an online summer school program at this time.

Students are welcome to apply for part-time enrollment during the school year. This lets you take one or two extra classes online while still attending your regular school. (Full time enrollment is a great option too!)

Not a Wisconsin resident?

You can still attend eachieve academy.

Students living outside Wisconsin are welcome to enroll as full or part-time students with paid tuition.

Learn more about the benefits of choosing eAchieve & enrollment options for out-of-state students:

High-quality teaching meets flexible online learning

Many parents struggle deciding what kind of school to enroll their child in. Traditional schools have great teachers and support networks, but the regimented schedule is not for everybody. Online schools are more flexible. Wisconsin parents are fortunate to have the option of eAchieve Academy. By joining our online schooling program, students get the best of both worlds.

Like traditional schools, eAchieve Academy

  • Is tuition-free
  • Has state-certified teachers
  • Offers core, Honors, AP and elective classes
  • Features strong teacher interaction
  • Includes special needs support

Additionally, online elementary, middle and high school students at eAchieve Academy:

  • Freely express their individuality
  • Plan school around their lives, not their lives around school
  • Progress at their own rate, not at the speed of a group
  • Focus completely on academics with no social drama to distract from learning

The benefits of online high, middle and elementary school are clear

Signing up for eAchieve Academy’s online high, middle or elementary school brings many benefits. Your child will learn at his/her pace, on his/her schedule and without any social interference. The quality of the instruction is better than they would receive in a normal school and eAchieve Academy is Wisconsin’s best, independent virtual alternative. For parents on a tight budget, the free laptop and no tuition fee means you can afford to send your child to an academically sound institution without harming your finances.

Interested students can apply for enrollment in our online high, middle and elementary school through the Wisconsin Public School Open Enrollment program.

Online School Helps Busy Students Succeed

Featured Student Testimonial

View all Student Testimonials

Online Academy Principal's Welcome

Welcome to eAchieve Academy, a comprehensive online school serving Wisconsin students in grades K - 12.

Online School PrincipaleAchieve Academy has an incredibly diverse student population. Some of our students are accomplished athletes or performers while others are frequent travelers. Some have health challenges while others didn't feel comfortable in their previous school. Many of our students want more academic rigor but prefer to work at their own pace. About 25% of our students came from a home schooling environment prior to attending eAchieve.

While the reasons students choose an online school vary, the motive behind enrolling at eAchieve Academy is often more specific - our reputation for academic excellence, individualized attention, safety, and control over their own schedule.

For the last twelve years, Wisconsin families have turned to eAchieve Academy for a flexible, high quality, personalized education, and we've graduated more students than all other Wisconsin online high schools combined.

Read more about the unique benefits of eAchieve Academy, including our superior academic results, comprehensive support network, veteran dedicated staff and varied club and social connections.

Become part of the eAchieve Academy community by applying during open enrollment. Please contact us at any time with any questions. Thank you for considering eAchieve!


Rick Nettesheim

Principal | eAchieve Academy | | 262.970.1074

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