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The eAchieve Difference

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eAchieve Academy is Wisconsin’s premier online school, celebrating 20 years of serving students and families. We are an independent, tuition-free virtual charter school for WI residents.

eAchieve Academy features a flexible, individualized approach to learning integrated with a rigorous, engaging online curriculum with extraordinary support from experienced, Wisconsin-certified teachers. 

We believe that any student, regardless of their past schooling experiences or life challenges can find success at eAchieve. We are happy to accept this challenge and are grateful for the chance to serve students and families from all across Wisconsin in grades 4K-12. eAchieve students graduate prepared for whatever "college, career, and community readiness" may look like for them!

eAchieve: “For All Students”

  • We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

  • We see students as people with assets and aspirations and it is our job to help them realize their goals and dreams.

  • We make decisions based on individual student needs.

  • We find ways for students to succeed by creating a curriculum and providing instruction that is accessible, rigorous, and relevant to students’ culture and identity.

  • Eliminating inequities begins with each of us. 

  • We persevere in serving students, even when a student lacks home support, resources, guidance, or requisite knowledge, fails to exert the expected effort, or does not adhere to the code of conduct.