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Explore our online classes for 4K-12th grade students giving families more freedom and flexibility in their lives. You don't have to choose between the lifestyle you want and a quality education. Our 4K-12th grade courses are designed and taught by experienced, Wisconsin state certified teachers.

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As a pioneer in the world of virtual learning, eAchieve Academy owes much of its success to our talented staff and incredible, passionate teachers. We have dozens of Wisconsin state certified teachers who have experience teaching in both traditional classroom and online settings.

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Flexible Schedules

Flexible Schedules

Online school lets you skip the commute and gives you and your child a more flexible schedule. More time to sleep, no rushing around and a comfortable home learning environment.

Fewer Distractions

Fewer Distractions

Children don’t always have the longest attention spans. Combine that with almost 8 hours at a desk and 30 other kids in the room and you have a recipe for distraction.

At Your Own Pace

At Your Own Pace

Online education makes it easier for children to receive individualized instruction, assignments and support. This allows your child to master skills and move through the curriculum at their own pace.

Learn Time Management

Learn Time Management

Because there’s no set schedule with bells and attendance holding students accountable for being present, students need to have the self-discipline to keep up with their classes.

Individual Attention

Individual Attention

Every student also has an academic advisor who provides one-on-one support to ensure all of the student’s goals are matched with a plan to achieve them.

Variety Of Classes

Variety Of Classes

eAchieve Academy offers many online AP classes that most Wisconsin schools don’t have the resources to offer.


For students with Olympic aspirations or world-class athletic abilities, balancing practice and school is difficult. The traditional school schedule makes it difficult to commit to the hours of intense training required to reach peak performance.

Living Abroad

Some Wisconsin residents live outside the country for a period of time. While living abroad, attending school can be difficult. Parents need to ask if courses taken in the foreign country will transfer back to the USA.

Social Anxiety

The average child is naturally curious, ambitious & constantly learning every day, whether they mean to or not. If your child exhibits an unnatural amount of fear or shyness on a daily basis, it’s possible they could be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Gifted & Talented

Gifted students sometimes find themselves bored in class at traditional brick and mortar schools. They can try reading ahead or learning outside class, but this does not solve the problem of class being too slow for them.


Religion and education have a long and interesting relationship in America. Many students want to attend public schools to meet their peers, but parents sometimes prefer to send their child to a religious school.

Medical Needs

For students living with medical issues, balancing their health and studies while sitting in class for long stretches at a time can cause problems. Ongoing health issues can cause frequent or extended absences from school and lead to learning gaps, anxiety or even depression.

Joyce Cupertino


“We’re just a click away from the students. Even though I can’t see the students, I still get to know them and their work habits, and I’m able to establish a rapport with them through the live sessions. Communication is the key, and my students know I get right back to them the same day when they have a question. Our students in eAchieve will have an advantage in life because online learning is the wave of the future.”



“eAchieve Academy is great about setting up social interactions with people in your area. Plus, I enjoy their discussion boards where you can talk to classmates, share pictures and posts but it’s monitored, so you don’t have to worry about bullying.”

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“As the kids got older, home schooling became more complicated to keep up with DPI standards. For me, eAchieve Academy is much better than trying to do it by myself. It’s more involvement for parents than if the kids were in a traditional school, but it’s not a crazy amount.”

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