Why eAchieve

Wisconsin’s gifted students flourish in online school

Learn at your own accelerated pace and take the challenging classes you want

Gifted students sometimes find themselves bored in class at traditional brick and mortar schools. They can try reading ahead or learning outside class, but this does not solve the problem of class being too slow for them. The best solution is finding a program allowing students to cover material as quickly and thoroughly as they want.

Free online elementary, middle, and high school courses are the perfect option for gifted students.

Our wide range of online classes and electives are all available in a study at your own pace format. Students can spend as much time as they like on subjects they find fascinating. Or, they can supplement the classes they are currently taking in their face-to-face school with advanced courses offered through our academy.

eAchieve Academy offers online classes for all levels of students, from elementary to middle and high school students. We also have homeschool students enrolled with us. Whether you want to go faster, take more advanced classes (including AP classes), or just want to opt-out of the social drama so rampant in traditional schools, eAchieve is the right place for Wisconsin’s gifted students.

eAchieve Academy helps gifted & talented students reach their potential

An education at eAchieve Academy lays the foundation for a successful career in college and beyond. Taking AP classes with us can even give you a jump start on earning the credits you’ll need to graduate from college. We know you’re motivated and have goals, and we’re here to help. If you’ve already identified the type of career you’re most interested in, our guide can help you choose the high school classes you’ll need to pursue a degree in a field you find interesting.

Free online classes help gifted students stay engaged.

If you find your student is quickly outpacing their classmates, it may be time to make the switch to online school. eAchieve Academy’s course selection and a flexible schedule are perfect for students who excel and need more challenging courses. By taking advantage of free online learning, motivated students can earn college credits before they graduate high school and get a head start towards their intended college major or career.

At eAchieve, students aren’t limited to the classes offered by brick and mortar schools. We have a wide range of courses, including electives that include classes not available at many public schools. Our advanced placement classes are a great way for gifted students to challenge themselves and to get a jump start on college credits.

You aren’t limited by the schools and classes near where you live. Thanks to Wisconsin open enrollment, students living in ANY city and ANY school district are eligible to apply at eAchieve for tuition-free, fully accredited online classes.

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eAchieve helps gifted and talented students reach their full potential and pursue their passions while earning a REAL high school diploma. Explore all student reviews or get in touch to attend one of our virtual open houses.