Why eAchieve

Why online schooling is the future of education

Online education, also known as distance learning, is a relatively new concept to most people. Yet, within the last decade, there has been a 150% increase in students selecting online education, with nearly 400,000 K-12 students attending online schools, and nearly 6 million undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in online universities at present (1). Today, people communicate and learn differently thanks to the constantly evolving forms of social media, the instantaneous nature of searching online for information, and the ability to complete everyday errands and tasks with the click of a button. As these technological advances continue to grow, more and more institutions are embracing technology in the classroom, and it’s becoming clear that digital forms of learning are changing the educational landscape for good.

A Flexible Learning Experience

Online education offers a unique learning experience to students who need a non-traditional environment to thrive. Currently, 30 states now offer complete online statewide courses, and many teachers are opting to work remotely as online educators (2). Unlike traditional schools, online programs empower the student to set their own course, with the guided support of online staff, teachers, and learning tools proven to enhance the learning experience. 

While anyone can benefit from taking courses online, the digital experience can be especially helpful to students who cannot attend regular schools for the following reasons:

  • Students with health issues or special medical needs
  • Students who prefer less distractions a traditional classroom might provoke
  • Gifted students who require a customized learning experience and accelerated pace
  • Students who travel often with family and cannot settle at one particular establishment

Not only does the online classroom offer plenty of flexibility, it gives students the opportunity to be highly interactive with teachers and creative with how they learn. Students are still learning the core curriculum with standard subjects including biology, English, history, and physics, but with the added benefits of live eSessions where they can speak with teachers and other online learners, and online tools that allow them to edit projects, ask questions, and submit assignments as needed. Everything can be tracked digitally to monitor a student’s pace, which allows administrators to oversee progress, and lets parents rest easy knowing their kids are engaged.

Positive Results Prove A Quality Education

As more and more students achieve success from online education, and as more educators see the benefit of communicating with an engaged digital audience, there’s been a positive shift in attitude towards distance learning. In fact, 70% of students claim online programs are just as good or even better than the traditional classroom setting. Online students are even showing higher scores on standardized testing on their SATs and ACTs – the average score of traditional classroom learners fall in the 50th percentile, while the average score of online learners fall in the 59th percentile (3).

eAchieve Academy is no different when it comes to these successful metrics. In fact, eAchieve Academy students consistently rate as the top performers on the ACT test and the 10th grade Wisconsin Knowledge Concepts Examination (WKCE) compared to other virtual high schools in the state. With eAchieve Academy, students can earn a School District of Waukesha high school diploma like everyone else, but with the added value of a customized learning experience built solely for their success.


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