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Traveling Students Easily Keep Up with Online Classes

Wisconsin Students Who Travel Frequently Thrive in Our Online School

School can be difficult for students who are often on the move from one state or country to another but are still Wisconsin residents. Every new community means a new school, new faces and new friends. Then, they move again and have to say goodbye and get ready for another round of adjustments. Instead of subjecting your child to this cycle, transfer to eAchieve Academy.

No matter where you are in the world, eAchieve’s classes are available online when you need them.

From accompanying parents on business trips to China to spending several weeks with a parent who lives out of state, eAchieve provides a seamless educational option. Classes are all study at your own pace and students can access course material at any time. Pace charts are provided to keep everybody on track to graduate and avoid falling behind. Make sure your child stays on top of school by signing up for eAchieve Academy.

Free online school with open enrollment for Wisconsin students.

Wisconsin students who frequently travel can easily switch to online high school with eAchieve Academy’s Open Enrollment program. eAchieve Academy is Wisconsin’s leading online high school and provides students with comprehensive, accredited education. If a sudden trip threatens your student’s ability to keep up with their education, or if you don’t want them to fall behind as they transition to a new school, eAchieve Academy’s Open Enrollment program might be the perfect fit.

Watch video testimonials from online students

See what traveling students have to say about eAchieve. With online classes, students have plenty of time to mountain bike, fish, and travel without falling behind in school.