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Student of the Month – December 2016

What defines an outstanding student? Sure, getting good grades is important. But there are other attributes that can define success such as working hard, overcoming obstacles, persistence, etc. eAchieve Academy bestows Student of the Month recognition on students who demonstrate these characteristics, as nominated by their teachers. Here are the honorees for December 2016. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Sydney Becker, 11th grader from Waukesha

Sydney’s remarkable work ethic caught the attention of her Algebra 2 teacher, Mr. Shanklin, this month. A veteran eAchieve student, Sydney clearly demonstrates that school is a high priority for her. “Though she understands the material and has no questions for me, she has not missed a single live session or help session,” Shanklin says. “Her work is some of the best I have seen.”

Wayne Borgmann, 10th grader from Fond du Lac

Like many new eAchieve students, Wayne struggled at first with the transition to online learning.  “Wayne was very behind in both his science classes,” according to his science teacher Ms. Wohl. “To his credit, Wayne dedicated himself to getting caught up is now nearly on pace in all his classes.” Wayne is living proof that if you work hard and ask for help when you need it, you can succeed at eAchieve.

Razia Hafeez, 11th grader from Milwaukee

Razia is a natural at virtual learning. Even though this is her first year at eAchieve, she is doing exceptionally well in all her classes. Health teacher Ms. Ebeling says, “Her work goes above and beyond my expectations and when it does not she reaches out and asks questions in order to make corrections and improve her understanding of the content.”  One key to her success is attending eSessions regularly and encouraging others to participate on a regular basis.

Iuliana Newlin, 11th grader from Lake Geneva

Starting eAchieve a few weeks into the semester can be particularly difficult, and Iuliana freely admits she was feeling overwhelmed and worried she wouldn’t be able to get the hang of going to school online. But rather than giving up, she has overcome those obstacles as well as various others to stay near on pace. “She always strives to do the best on every assessment making sure to always ask questions if she doesn’t understand an assignment or redoing an assignment if needed,” says US History teacher Ms. Mankowski. “She also is always eager to participate during eSessions.”

Karisa Perik, 9th grader from Oconomowoc

English teacher Mr. Endicott says, “Karisa demonstrates a fantastic work ethic – and her work is consistently detailed. She goes above and beyond!” And it’s not just English class where Karisa excels, she is currently on pace and doing proficient or advanced work in all six of her classes!

Anupama Rajendra, 11th grader from Kenosha

Anupama is a dedicated student. She is self-motivated and consistently on pace. “Her work demonstrates a high level of mastery and frequently goes above and beyond what I expect to see,” according to French 3 teacher Ms. Lemke-Pawlak. “She has continued to work at this high level since she began with me in French 1. I am so proud of her!”

Allyson Seibert, 3rd grader from Pound, WI

In her first year with eAchieve Elementary, Allyson has earned high praise from her teacher, Ms. Diamantopoulos. “She gives everything she does 110% effort. She sets an amazing example for her peers in eSession,” says Ms. D. Allyson will strive to make meaning by asking questions and always share her thinking. Her daily work is always done with the greatest effort. In addition, she is caring and kind and never hesitates to express that! I could not be more proud of her and her work so far this school year.

Max Wagner, 5th grader from Mukwonago

Max is a living example of the old adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” After a rough start to the semester, Max has really kicked it into high gear the last couple of weeks. According to his teacher Mr. Demers, Max is now, “…excelling in all of the work and programs. This is WONDERFUL to see!!”