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Smart Ways to Prepare for Online Elementary School Learning

At a virtual school like eAchieve Elementary school in Wisconsin, parental involvement is important to set your child up for a successful school experience. At the elementary level, students require extra support to leverage digital tools and resources used for elementary school online learning. In addition to learning the technology, there are additional ways you can help your child flourish in a virtual learning environment which are outlined below.

Teach How to Use Computer Technology

Students attending school online will need a computer with internet access. At eAchieve Academy, we provide laptops to our 1st through 12th grade full-time students with 4k and 5k students receiving an iPad absolutely free. Parents should help familiarize their child with using the computer by practicing skills such as typing on the keyboard and turning on the camera for video calls. Doing so can make the transition to elementary school online learning much smoother.

Set Up a Designated Work Space for School

A major benefit of online elementary school learning is that compared to a traditional classroom setting, students can take classes in a quieter and more familiar environment with fewer distractions. Creating a designated work space solely for school can help your child get in the school mindset at home. The area should be quiet or have the ability to close a door so they can focus on school work, talking to their teacher, or taking tests. Stock the work area with school supplies such as pencils, pens, markers, notebooks, and other items they might need. Ensure the area has proper lighting for reading and writing along with a comfortable chair. 

Create a Schedule with Breaks

Establishing a regular routine with breaks for exercise or free time in between can provide structure for younger students. The flexibility of online learning provides the opportunity to customize the schedule to your child’s individual needs such as allowing more time for courses that take them longer to complete and less time for courses that come easier to them. Having a weekly calendar on a dry erase board near their work area can help them plan for weekly assignments and build their time management skills.

Virtual schools like eAchieve Elementary school in Wisconsin provides flexibility for students to learn at their own pace. As an online public charter school in the Waukesha school district, eAchieve provides completely free online learning for Wisconsin residents under age 21. Our elementary school online learning  courses are all taught by experienced, Wisconsin state certified instructors. Visit our Online Elementary School Program page for more information and to view our course list.

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