Why eAchieve

Recover from Surgery without Missing Class

Graduate on Time by Taking Courses in Our Online Public School

Sometimes, events outside of your control make it impossible to continue attending face-to-face school. Whether it was a sudden accident or a necessary, planned hospitalization, recovery time can make it difficult to stay on track at school.

Online classes available from eAchieve let you keep up with school even while still in the hospital.

Immediate transfer options mean you don’t have to wait weeks or months to get back to your studies, even if you can’t get back in your desk. Best of all, our classes are done at your own pace. You can take every class as quickly or slowly as you need, consulting with the pace chart to ensure you don’t fall behind. Don’t let unexpected health problems hold you back. eAchieve Academy is here to keep you on track to graduate on time.

Stay on track after surgery with easy open enrollment.

If a medical emergency takes your student by surprise, eAchieve Academy is the perfect way to ensure they keep up with their studies. eAchieve Academy’s Open Enrollment program lets students enroll in our free online school immediately. Wisconsin students recovering from surgery can graduate on time with comprehensive courses and transferable credits.

Watch video testimonials from online students.

See how eAchieve’s flexibility works for students recovering from surgery, career minded students, and more with our video testimonials.