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The Pros & Cons of Online School

Online schooling has become increasingly popular, as technological advances have transformed how people communicate and learn. Taking online classes has many perks such as the flexibility and convenience factors. However, deciding to enroll in online school should be an informed decision. For that reason, it is important to consider the pros and cons of online school.

Pros of Online Learning

Flexible Learning

Unlike traditional schools, online education programs allow you the opportunity to learn when it fits your schedule, resulting in less stress. While anyone can enjoy the perks of taking online courses, digital learning can be especially helpful to students who have special medical needs, students who require a customized learning experience and accelerated pace, students who travel often, and students who also want to pursue work experience.

Preparation For College Online Courses

When weighing the pros and cons of online high school, it is important to consider how it may affect post secondary education. In the 2020 fall semester, the National Center for Education Statistics counts nearly 73% of students nationwide were enrolled in distance education courses in post-secondary institutions. Knowing how to successfully learn in an online environment is great preparation for online courses in college.

Accelerating Learning Options

Online education allows you to work at a faster pace for things that come easier to you unlike traditional schooling. Learning at an accelerated pace can help high school students graduate in three to three and a half years, instead of four with the same high school diploma as Waukesha South, North and West students receive.

Suits a Variety of Learning Styles

Every student has a different learning style. While some students are visual learners, others may learn better through audio. At eAchieve, you can attend live e-sessions weekly for a virtual class experience. If additional help is needed, one on one esessions can be set up with the teacher.

Cons of Online Learning

Strong Time Management Skills Are Required

Having the freedom and control of your digital learning experience requires strong time management skills. This can be challenging for some, however it can help teach students how to manage time better. At eAchieve, courses have a pace chart to help keep you on track and allow administrators to oversee progress. 

Technological Requirements

Online learning requires access to a computer and the internet. Full-time eAchieve students qualify for a free laptop from Milwaukee PC. High-speed Internet is recommended, but our courses will also run on slower Internet connections. Learn more about this program.

Less In Person Interactions 

Online education involves less in person interactions than public school, however this can also be seen as a pro. Classroom environments can be distracting or intimidating for some students. Online learning provides an environment free from social drama and other distractions, and can encourage students to engage more than they would in a traditional classroom. 

At eAchieve, students will still be able to experience both online and in-person social interactions with the other students. Our social opportunities for students include: field trips, student organizations, school dances and more!

Considering the pros and cons of online school can help you decide if it is the right path to take. Explore what students, parents, and teachers have to say about eAchieve Academy by visiting our Testimonials page.