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Missionary Kids Minimize Culture Shock with Online Education

Going to a foreign country as a Missionary Kid can be a big challenge. Culture shock, language barriers and different notions of what is acceptable behavior make the change difficult for many children. What adults often fail to take into account, though, is the shock of returning home can be just as bad, if not worse. After years spent in a foreign country, many young people lose touch with their home country and experience similar culture shock when they come back to the US.

Studying online with eAchieve Academy lets missionary kids stay in touch with students from Wisconsin, lessening culture shock when leaving and returning to the US.

Not only will it help reduce the anxiety and tension of travelling to a foreign mission, it also ensures they receive a great education. English speaking schools in foreign countries are often hard to come by and prohibitively expensive. Instead of enrolling your child in potentially sub-standard classes abroad, transfer to eAchieve Academy for a tuition-free, top-notch American public education. The benefits of maintaining this link to Wisconsin are enormous. Go on a long term mission trip and be sure to help your child adjust by taking advantage of eAchieve’s online courses.

Stay on track with FREEE online education.

Missionaries with children might travel for just a year, or even part of a year. Finding a decent English speaking school for your child can be difficult. eAchieve Academy’s Open Enrollment program makes it easy to switch to online schooling for a brief period of time. Open Enrollment ensures your student receives accredited, comprehensive, free education online.

Watch video testimonials from online students.

Families choose online schools for many different reasons. Whether you are a missionary’s kid living abroad or a Wisconsin student working on a farm, online classes help you keep up with school while devoting yourself to other pursuits.