Why eAchieve

Free Online Homeschool Supplement in Wisconsin

At eAchieve Academy, you aren’t confined to a one-size-fits-all classroom. Learn at your own pace and study when and where it best fits your lifestyle.

Flexible classes fit every student’s lifestyle

You are free to work ahead on the course material, making it easy to go on vacation, participate in extracurricular activities, or even work a part-time job. Working ahead on subjects you find easy also opens up your time to study for subjects you find challenging.

Not only do you gain flexibility in online high school, you develop the independent study skills needed to succeed in any educational setting – and in life.

We provide pace charts for each class to help track your progress so you won’t fall behind.

Online middle, high and elementary school for homeschoolers: great opportunities at no cost

Students who are homeschooled can also enjoy the flexibility of online learning. You are given the opportunity to learn subjects not normally taught in the home setting, like Latin or forensic science. Being able to mix home school with online learning will broaden your academic knowledge and allow you to socialize with other students in a safe environment.

You can take up to 2 classes per semester from eAchieve Academy. Tuition for online classes for homeschoolers is free.

Personalized elementary, middle and high school courses

Learning at your own pace doesn’t mean studying all alone! eAchieve Academy has a strong, personalized support network in place to help you succeed. Our teachers are passionate about helping you fulfill your potential and are readily available online and by phone. You will also be partnered with an academic adviser who provides proactive, one-on-one support.

Counselors are also available by email, phone and in-person meetings around Wisconsin to help you choose your courses, answer questions and stay on path to complete your high school degree.

Online middle, high and elementary school for homeschoolers: great opportunities at no cost

eAchieve Academy is pleased to offer homeschooled students free tuition for up to 2 classes per semester. As many homeschooling parents and students have found, online learning is an excellent addition to any homeschool curriculum.

One of the great benefits of eAchieve Academy is the opportunity to learn subjects not normally taught in the home setting, such as Latin and forensic science. Being able to mix homeschool with online public learning not only broadens academic knowledge, it also allows for socialization with other students in a safe environment.

The Three S’s are as important as The Three R’s.

Everyone knows about the “three R’s” of learning. Reading, writing and arithmetic form the core of every student’s education. But beyond these three basics lie the “three S’s” of online education: structure, socialization and support. These are as important for the homeschooled student as they are for the homeschooling parent.


Too often, despite the best of intentions, homeschooling parents report having difficulty maintaining structure. There are often wild swings from over-scheduled days to under-scheduled days and many parents find it difficult to formulate an approach to subjects they themselves may not have complete command of. Augmenting homeschooling with online learning provides not only a structured course plan, but also a knowledgeable instructor—which is particularly helpful if a student is struggling with a subject. Having a homeschooled student take a couple of classes online also frees the parent to focus on other aspects of the student’s academic development.


One of the biggest knocks against homeschooling is students can miss out on the development of social skills which come with a traditional school setting. While homeschooling parents do their best to connect their children with other homeschooled children, it isn’t always easy, or even possible, in some circumstances. Online learning at eAchieve Academy gives students the opportunity to connect online through email, chat and our eLounge, as well as in person through both informal and formal get-togethers like our spring prom event. Homeschooling parents also benefit from new connections with other homeschooling parents.


Homeschooling is hard work. One of the hardest parts about it is going it alone. While most homeschooling parents build a network with other parents, many are in situations where their networks are very limited or, in some cases, virtually nonexistent. One of the biggest concerns for homeschooling parents is the lack of support they have in educating their children. Having a child participate in online classes through eAchieve Academy changes this entirely. Teachers are readily available for progress reports and advice by email, phone or chat, providing homeschooling parents the sounding board they need to guide their child’s academic development. Students, too, find a support network among fellow eAchieve Academy students. There is a real sense of camaraderie among our students and a willingness to help each other out whenever possible.