Why eAchieve

Earn High School Credits Online for Free in Wisconsin

How to catch up on credits fast & finish high school

Wisconsin high school students who need to make up credits in order to graduate with their class or finish high school can apply for free enrollment at eAchieve Academy.

eAchieve is a public online charter school free to Wisconsin residents under 21 living in any Wisconsin school district.

Find more information about earning high school credit online:

Make Up High School Credits at Your Convenience

Work, travel, family obligations and health concerns can make attending a traditional brick-and-mortar high school difficult. With online learning you can schedule your classes around your life, not the other way around.

Online high school has many advantages including dedicated academic advisors, and the ability to learn at your own pace. Wisconsin high school students can earn high school credits online for free from our accredited virtual charter school.

Free Online Classes for High School Students

eAchieve offers a complete online learning curriculum, including advanced and AP classes, which can help you earn college credits in high school. Our teachers are all certified in the state of Wisconsin and have extensive experience teaching online and in traditional classrooms.

Earn High School Credits Outside of Your Regular High School

With part-time enrollment at eAchieve you can take one or two extra high school classes online while still attending your regular school.

Part-time enrollment at eAchieve is ideal for:

  • Taking high school classes not offered at your school
  • Resolving a scheduling conflict
  • Making up high school credits for a failed or incomplete class
  • Earning high school credits more quickly to catch up or graduate early

Learn more about part-time enrollment or contact eAchieve Academy with your questions.

Can’t Catch Up on Credits? You Can Still Earn a REAL High School Diploma

eAchieve Academy offers a free online competency-based program for severely credit deficient students. Learn more about the competency-based diploma option and enrollment details, or contact us online for more information.