Special Needs

K-12 online learning for children with autism

eAchieve Academy offers online education for elementary, middle and high school students on the autism spectrum. As an online school chartered by the Waukesha school district, we are able to provide free online learning for autistic students who are under 21 living anywhere in Wisconsin. Our special education staff personalizes lesson plans based on individual student needs, guiding them in developing the knowledge and skills they need not only to earn a high school diploma but to navigate social situations successfully.

Online school for K-12 students anywhere on the spectrum

Prior to 2013 there were multiple autism diagnoses including Rett Syndrome, Childhood Disintegrative Syndrome, Autistic Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) and Asperger syndrome. In May 2013 when the DSM-5 was published, all forms of autism were relabeled ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are also many informal ways of describing autism levels such as “moderate,” “nonverbal,” or “high functioning”.

No matter where your child is on the autism spectrum, there’s a place for them at eAchieve. We understand every child’s needs are different, so our experienced special education instructors work closely with our special needs students to develop strategic and effective lesson plans for every individual.

Free interactive lesson plans for students with autism

eAchieve Academy offers students with special needs the opportunity to break free from the traditional structure of brick-and-mortar school with our personalized virtual special education courses taught by professionals. Our trained instructors communicate with students via email, phone, and weekly small group live sessions not only to teach students core knowledge, but to develop the personal communication skill they need to succeed.

Special needs students will get to interact with other students during these live sessions and on the available online discussion platforms provided, ensuring that each student is actively participating in the lessons (and effectively learning) while also developing skills like:

  • Time management
  • Personal responsibility
  • Written and oral communication
  • Professionalism
  • And more!

The online special education program offered by eAchieve Academy deploys proven effective strategies that ensure students get the education they deserve, while parents can rest assured knowing that their children with special needs are being accommodated accordingly.

Connect with other online students

We recognize the importance of social interaction for our students with special needs to improve their communication skills, which is why eAchieve coordinates social events for our online students to meet and form lasting friendships with other online students at eAchieve.

Though students with special needs may find it difficult to interact with their peers in conventional ways, we provide students the opportunity to develop those skills in a safe environment with peers who have similar learning disabilities.

Wisconsin’s best public school for autism

As an online public charter school, eAchieve is able to provide free online learning for autistic students under 21 living anywhere in the state. Our course selection, free laptop program and resources for students with autism or other special needs put us head and shoulders above other online learning options.

Looking for the best school districts in Wisconsin for autism?

Students living in any Wisconsin school district are welcome at eAchieve.

Looking for Milwaukee public schools for autism?

Our online public school is free for students living anywhere in Milwaukee, with no commute to worry about.

Looking for the best school for students with high functioning autism?

Students anywhere on the autism spectrum will find effective online learning courses, strategies and instructors at eAchieve.

Best of all? Because we’re a public online school chartered by the Waukesha school district, our classes are tax-funded and completely tuition free for all Wisconsin students—in any school district.

Online high school for autistic students

We offer over 100 different online high school courses in more than ten subjects. eAchieve’s special education teachers create individualized lesson plans for students with autism. Our curriculum for online high school for autistic students is designed to provide flexibility to help our students to work at whatever pace they feel comfortable. With eAchieve, Wisconsin high school students with autism aren’t limited by their special needs or geography.

Online middle school for autistic students

eAchieve Academy provides autistic middle school students with all the subjects found at traditional public schools—math, language arts, science, social studies, and electives—with individualized lesson plans and flexible scheduling.

Online elementary school program for autistic students

Autistic students in elementary school benefit from eAchieve’s personalized weekly learning plans. Our special education teachers are available for follow-up, feedback, skill demonstration, support, observation, and assessment throughout.

Online school can be ideal for students with Asperger’s

Although Asperger syndrome is no longer an official diagnosis, the term is still widely used to describe children who are generally on par with their peers in terms of developing spoken language, but who struggle to communicate in social situations.

Fewer distractions

A student’s difficulties associated with Asperger’s can increase with age, as expectations around social behavior become higher. Because children with Asperger syndrome typically have average or above-average intelligence, issues caused by social pressures or distractions in a traditional school environment can keep them from reaching their academic potential.

A high percentage of children with Asperger’s also have sensory challenges, like being overly sensitive to sounds, light or smells. Online learning lets students choose and create their own learning environment to better manage sensory overload.

Incomparable accommodations

While teachers in many brick-and-mortar schools are able and willing to make accommodations for students with Asperger’s or “high functioning autism,” a traditional classroom setting still has many limitations and drawbacks. Virtual learning gives students and their families the freedom to access high-quality courses however and whenever it suits them.

Affordable and accessible

Schools dedicated exclusively to students with autism can be a great option, but geographic location and cost can rule them out. eAchieve Academy is publicly funded and completely tuition-free for students with any level of autism, living anywhere in Wisconsin. If you’ve been searching for an Asperger’s middle or high school, eAchieve is an online option worth considering. Enroll here.

Free resources for homeschooled children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Homeschooling can be a wonderful option for many families with children on the autism spectrum.

Individualized learning, more control over the learning environment, and less stress and anxiety for the student are all benefits of both homeschooling and online public school.

Students who are homeschooled are welcome to apply at eAchieve. With part-time enrollment, students with ASD can remain in homeschool and take up to 2 classes each semester online. This can give home teachers extra support and provide opportunities students may not have in their homeschool curriculum (such as world languages and AP classes, just to name a couple). Special needs don’t have to be a roadblock to a good education – enroll in eAchieve Academy today to get the very best educational experience for your child.