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How online school can be better for students with social anxiety

Know when to get help for your child’s anxiety disorder

Children are naturally smarter than what adults give them credit for. It’s easy to think children are naturally shy because so many exhibit fearful behavior in new situations. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The average child is naturally curious, ambitious & constantly learning every day, whether they mean to or not. If your child exhibits an unnatural amount of fear or shyness on a daily basis, it’s possible they could be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Read on to learn how virtual learning can be the best school environment for anxiety prone students.

Is anxiety affecting my child’s school work?

Anxiety disorders affect roughly 32% of American children. The occasional shy tendency is natural in new situations, but persistent overwhelming fear is a sign of a severe anxiety disorder. Other signs of anxiety disorders in children & adolescents include:

  • Inability to focus
  • Fear of school
  • Tantrums over homework
  • Headaches
  • Stomach aches
  • Restlessness
  • Rapid breathing

Is online school better for anxiety?

Online learning can be one of the best school alternatives for anxiety and benefit students in several ways. Students can progress at their own pace, and learn in an environment free from social drama and other distractions. Teachers are accessible by phone and email, students can attend optional weekly eSessions if they want a ‘virtual classroom’ experience, and each student has an academic advisor for individual support.

One of the biggest inhibiting factors of anxiety in children is how badly it affects their school experience. Whether they’re unable to focus in school, or too afraid to go to school at all, their grades will plummet the further their anxiety advances.

It might be tempting to pull your child out of school to keep them safe from discomfort, but studies show that this is not the solution. To assist your child in managing their anxiety, you can help them receive treatment while continuing their education in the best school environment for anxiety. Online school can be an excellent school alternative for anxiety compared to a brick and mortar school. eAchieve is an online public school welcoming students from all Wisconsin school districts to make success available to every child with our FREE online learning program.

Online school for kids with anxiety

With eAchieve’s online school program, you don’t need to worry about balancing tight schedules or anxiety-inducing deadlines with unpredictable social interaction. Students can work at their own pace & catch up on any subject matter they fell behind with when they were receiving traditional schooling. Our FREE online K-12 program provides accommodations for anxiety disorder to help alleviate anxiety for:

The best part? Students will still be able to experience social interactions with fellow online students. While it may seem counterintuitive, social interactions are vital for students with anxiety to work on important life skills that will help them excel in the future. The difference is control. You have much more control over who your child interacts with through an online school like eAchieve Academy. Other online schools don’t put the same emphasis on social interactions that eAchieve does. We know what’s best for our students & we create our programs accordingly. 

Our social opportunities for students include:

  • Field trips
  • Student organizations
  • School dances
  • And more!

School anxiety FAQ

Is homeschooling better for kids with anxiety?

It can be. If the cause of your child’s school anxiety is centered on social drama, distractions or even harassment then removing them from that environment should help. eAchieve Academy is a popular free homeschool supplement, available with part-time enrollment. Home schooled students in Wisconsin benefit from our free accredited online courses including AP classes and electives.

Does anxiety cause learning disabilities?

There’s no doubt that anxiety affects learning, and vice versa. For some students, the fact that they learn differently can be a source of anxiety. For others, an anxiety disorder makes learning more difficult. High levels of anxiety affect memory and your ability to focus.

Whether your child has a learning disability, an anxiety disorder or other type of special need, eAchieve provides truly personalized learning to bring out their best.

What is academic anxiety?

Academic anxiety is caused by excessive nervousness, worry and feelings of overwhelm associated with classes, assignments, tests and even the school environment. Academic anxiety could be generalized or limited to a specific aspect of school.

A student’s own expectations, the expectations of parents and teachers, perfectionism and fear of failure can all contribute to academic anxiety. Online learning allows students to go at their own pace, and to study at times that work for them. Online learning also fosters the development of important life skills like organization, independence and self-advocacy that can help students overcome academic anxiety. That is why virtual learning is a top school alternative for anxiety prone students.

What is a 504 plan for anxiety?

Section 504 protects students with disabilities against discrimination in school settings. A student with section 504 status has a physical or mental impairment, which can include an anxiety disorder. To qualify for 504 status, the impairment must substantially limit one or more major life activities. A 504 plan outlines the accommodations, services or programs the school will provide to meet the student’s needs. eAchieve provides special education services for students with IEPs and 504 plans, but whether or not a student with school anxiety qualifies under 504, they are welcome to apply at our online charter school.

Our virtual academy has been designed to give students the tools to take control of their education, free from unnecessary restrictions like a fixed schedule and common social distractions and pressures found in traditional schools. We offer full time and part time enrollment options. Get started by enrolling today! 

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