Special Needs

Online K-12 school for students with dyslexia and dyscalculia

eAchieve Academy is the interactive online education platform that gives children with dyslexia or other reading difficulties the personalized path they need to succeed. Where ordinary schools must follow the rigorous traditional structure, eAchieve is able to provide dyslexia online learning support geared towards our students’ success.

Although reading disorders and dyslexia cannot be broken down into specific individual categories, each individual child has different levels of comprehension. We can observe these broad categories and develop online dyslexia programs and strategies to accommodate children that fall into each:

Phonological dyslexia:

The child has difficulty breaking down words into smaller units

Surface dyslexia:

The child cannot recognize a word by sight, or has an unusual visual experience (also known as visual dyslexia)

Rapid naming deficit:

The child cannot quickly name a letter when they see it.

Double deficit dyslexia:

The child finds it hard to isolate sounds and name letters.


The child has difficulty learning numbers and math


The child struggles with handwriting and spelling and has difficulty organizing thoughts in writing

Reading disorders which involve letters or numbers, or both, and are often difficult to overcome without the proper education. Adults who accommodate their reading disorders find it easier to do so because they got the proper education and guidance when they were first diagnosed.

Students with learning disabilities including dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia benefit from our individualized online programs and support from our dedicated special education staff.

eAchieve Academy recognizes the importance of one-on-one support and a flexible schedule. Our special education program is dedicated to providing children the personalized educational path they need to not only learn and graduate, but also to develop skills that will last into adulthood. Request information about enrollment.

Flexible scheduling and enriching courses

Online dyslexia programs offers students the flexibility of learning on their own terms—and parents the opportunity to sit in with their child with special needs to develop the strategies alongside them.

Our experienced special education instructors communicate with students via email, phone calls, and one-on-one or small group virtual sessions to ensure that children are visually guided through lessons rather than given fill-in-the-blank packets, ensuring the development of real world skills.

Other online or traditional schools just can’t match our personalized special needs support and the freedom that dyslexia online learning allows students to access their education anywhere.

Lesson plans with personal connections

The skills students learn don’t stop at the end of the virtual lessons: students are able to make social connections with fellow online students at eAchieve. Students with learning disabilities may find it difficult to socialize in conventional ways, but with eAchieve’s strategic event planning and virtual classroom settings, students are able to form bonds with other students with similar educational needs. These connections develop necessary social skills students need to enter adulthood with confidence.

Online high school for dyslexia

All students who graduate through eAchieve Academy receive a real high school diploma, the same as the ones from traditional brick and mortar schools. Our online charter school is sponsored by the Waukesha School District and uses public school funding to provide completely free online classes for students under 21 living in any school district in Wisconsin.

High school students with dyslexia or dyscalculia can apply to enroll full-time at eAchieve or stay at their current school (or homeschool) and enroll part-time. Part-time enrollment can help students make up high school credits or learn at their own pace in a subject that may be hard to follow in a traditional classroom environment.

Online Middle School for Kids with Dyslexia

Middle school students with dyslexia learn at their own pace and have access to help from highly experienced teachers. Explore online middle school classes and discover the benefits of virtual middle school for all students.

Online Elementary School for Kids with Dyslexia

Elementary school students with dyslexia benefit from individualized lesson plans based on their learning tendencies. Parents are kept informed with weekly online meetings with the teacher. Explore our online elementary school program to learn more.

Homeschooling with dyslexia? You can still take advantage of our virtual classes

Dyslexic students in homeschool programs are welcome to apply at eAchieve. With part-time enrollment you can take up to 2 classes each semester online, pay zero tuition, and learn at your own speed. eAchieve is an invaluable free online homeschool supplement for Wisconsin residents.