Not Your Traditional School

Traditional middle schools implement a top-down, one-size-fits-all education model. For some students, traditional schooling is not the best fit. eAchieve Academy knows everyone is different, allowing students to learn at varying paces.

Learn Skills Beyond The Classroom

Virtual learning is an increasingly popular alternative to brick and mortar schools. Online learning requires more self-discipline and motivation, both of which are life skills that will benefit the student in future academics and work pursuits.

A Supplement to Homeschooling

While eAchieve Academy is not a substitute for a homeschooling program, it is an excellent supplement. Our online middle school helps parents by carrying the weight in subjects the parent is struggling to teach.

Using Pace Charts

For every class, there’s a pace chart to help keep students and parents on track. Students are given access to live sessions affording them real-time interaction with teachers and other students to help stay on track with the class.

eAchieve Academy provides students with all the core subjects found in traditional schooling—math, language arts, science and social studies. The fundamental middle school curriculum remains intact. What distinguishes eAchieve Academy from the traditional model is the flexibility of our coursework and availability beyond the traditional model.

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Language Arts

8th grade Language Arts brings together all the skills acquired in previous years, with a focus on reading critically and communicating effectively in writing. Students also continue developing their vocabulary, grammar and listening skills. Learning targets include effective communication, comprehension and evaluation of fiction and nonfiction, and effective research.


8th grade Math reviews the concepts and skills covered in previous years and introduces statistics, graphing, and basic geometry concepts. Learning targets include analyzing and solving different types of equations, graphing of data, evaluating and simplifying algebraic expressions, understanding probability and its application in real life situations, and the basic concepts of geometry.


8th grade science lays the foundation for high-school level science classes by building on all the major scientific disciplines. Principles of physical science and energy, genetics and evolution, and environmental sciences are among the topics covered. Learning targets include the ability to evaluate, generate and explain evidence in accordance with scientific practices and the ability to communicate through discourse and other scientific practices.

Social Studies

8th grade Social Studies covers events, geography, civics and politics in the Unites States from the 1500s through the Reconstruction. Learning targets include the ability to identify and analyze the main ideas in written text, development of a written thesis with multiple forms of evidence, and the production of clear and coherent communication.

Electives - Choose TWO per semester

eAchieve Academy offers students an array of elective classes as part of our unique online approach to learning outside a traditional classroom setting. Students have the freedom to select the courses they find intriguing – keeping them fully engaged in learning new things.

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During your middle school years you will need to include a semester of Physical Education, Health, Music and Digital Art. If you have not already had these courses, you will need to select them as elective options. Additionally, you are not able to repeat any elective course.

For motivated students, online learning is ideal. It allows them to move at their own accelerated pace and spend their time pursuing interests, not battling boredom. Online learning can put motivated middle school students on the fast track to the college and career path they have in mind. See our guide on how to prepare to become a doctor in middle school. Academically gifted students who take AP classes and score well on AP exams in high school can be exempted from intro level college classes, allowing them to start their college careers a step ahead of their peers and even shorten the time they need to spend in college to complete a degree.

Many traditional schools offer some electives at the middle school level, but few match the breadth available from eAchieve Academy. Our online middle school features several electives, including diverse options for foreign language studies. Languages are most easily learned and ingrained early in life—eAchieve Academy offers middle school-level students a chance to begin earlier than possible in many traditional institutions. Our online middle school electives courses feature introductory classes in digital arts, keyboarding, business ventures, and technology. Enroll in eAchieve Academy’s online program, and your child will be able to choose from a diverse selection of course offerings to build a personalized educational plan.

Our teachers embrace the chance to connect with children who struggle to be reached by traditional schooling. Our experienced, Wisconsin-certified teachers are available for help during office hours, either by phone or email, and every student is assigned an academic advisor for one-on-one support and guidance. Our full-time special education teachers can adapt the program to fit your child’s educational plan. Students who have trouble conforming to traditional schooling thrive at eAchieve Academy.

School counselors are available via phone or email at the student’s convenience. Our counselors have extensive experience handling issues specific to online study and make your student’s online education easier to handle. While students are encouraged to approach their education independently and make choices for themselves, a counselor is only a phone call away for academic support at our online middle school.

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