It is a nationwide college preparatory system based on the premise that when educators hold students accountable to the highest standards and provide the academic and social support they need, students will rise to the challenge.

AVID is a San Diego-based nonprofit committed to changing lives by helping schools transition to a more equitable, student-centered approach to education. They train educators to close the opportunity gap and better prepare students for college, careers and life. The AVID program is in place at roughly 6,000 schools and has nearly two million students participating. The program spans the elementary, secondary and higher education levels and is accessible through our Wisconsin virtual learning platform.

Students in AVID programs have dramatically improved their grades and their confidence. Many students who may have previously “fallen through the cracks” go on to college. According to AVID, 75% of students enrolled in the program are from low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Is AVID only for academically gifted students?

No. The goal of AVID is develop the skills needed by all secondary school students with an interest in improving their grades and going to college. The program seeks to instill:

  • Reading, writing and critical thinking skills
  • Deep content knowledge
  • Speaking and social skills
  • Habits, skills and behaviors need for success in college, career and life

Is AVID right for you/your child?

The AVID elective targets students with a high academic potential, a willingness to work hard, and the desire to go on to college. The program pushes students into more rigorous coursework designed to prepare them for college.

AVID students get intensive support through tutorials, and with the encouragement and support of their teachers, they develop stronger teacher/student relationships. For students from backgrounds that have in the past made college seem inaccessible, the program fosters a sense of hope for personal achievement and promotes positive peer groups.


Complete 4-year college entrance requirements


Who apply are accepted into 4-year colleges


Continue into their second year of college (the US overall rate is 78%)

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