Free for Wisconsin Students

Other than the lab kits or physical textbooks required by a few courses, eAchieve Academy is an entirely free online high school in Wisconsin. Chartered by the Waukesha School District, our virtual doors are open to all Wisconsin residents.

Students Schedule Their Lives

With online learning, students progress through high school at their own speed, completing assignments any time during a semester, and staying on track. This is excellent for students who have inconsistent schedules.

Core Subject Courses and More

Whether it’s just one more class needed to graduate on time or a full four years of online high school, eAchieve offers over 100 courses in many subjects. Find all the classes needed to graduate and dive into other subjects of interest.

Legitimate High School Diplomas

Diplomas from eAchieve Academy are the same diploma awarded to all high-school students in the School District of Waukesha. We even have a graduation ceremony for our students, available virtually or in-person.

Coursework Is Accepted By Colleges

Our transcripts are accepted by colleges and AP classes are available to earn college credits. eAchieve Academy’s classes equip students with the basic knowledge they need for life but also help make the transition to college easier.

An Education That Fits Your Needs

eAchieve Academy offers flexibility and a learning forum free of the social distractions. Our online approach gets rave reviews from students who are actively pursuing careers, have health problems, or just need to work at their own pace.

Online learning is becoming an increasingly accepted, and popular, alternative to the traditional classroom setting. For many students, attending high school online is a great idea. Colleges and universities are embracing online learning as an adjunct to their traditional coursework, and the experience students gain at eAchieve Academy is excellent preparation for the online work they will encounter in higher education.

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AVID is short for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It is a nationwide college preparatory system based on the premise that when educators hold students accountable to the highest standards and provide the academic and social support they need, students will rise to the challenge. Students in AVID programs have dramatically improved their grades and their confidence.

High school students today find themselves having to prepare earlier and earlier for a chance at their dream career. eAchieve Academy has a wide selection of high school classes, experienced teachers and career-planning resources to help our students meet their goals.

As a pioneer in the world of virtual learning, eAchieve Academy owes much of its success to our talented staff and incredible, passionate teachers. We have dozens of Wisconsin state certified teachers who have experience teaching in both traditional classroom and online settings. Our instructors create and manage their own classes to conform with state and school district standards and are totally committed to student success.

This is one of the most common concerns voiced by prospective students, as well as by parents. Besides connecting with other online high school students from all walks of life via live sessions and online chats, there are plenty of opportunities to interact in person on field trips and social outings. We even have a prom night every spring, a student council and a yearbook committee.

As students progress through eAchieve Academy, our counselors are available to support, guide, and monitor them in picking the right courses. Just like our middle and elementary schools, tuition is free for School District of Waukesha residents and anybody applying under the open enrollment program in Wisconsin.

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