Middle School Language Survey

1 Semester

7, 8

Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

In the Middle School Language Survey course, students will be introduced to 6 different languages within the 18 week semester. The languages in this course include Latin, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Japanese.

Each language will be taught for a period of 3 weeks. This multilingual course is designed to give students an opportunity to gain understanding of a language they might want to study in the future.

The languages will be taught using the communicative method, which combines listening, speaking, reading and writing in the target language with the use of multimedia resources.

Learning Targets

  1. T1: Students will be able to identify the benefits of studying each language and identify where the 6 languages are/were spoken/used.
  2. T2: Students will recognize and reproduce (speak or write) target language vocabulary.
  3. T3: Students will explain how the target culture is similar to or different from their own culture.