Intro to Computer Science

1 Semester

6, 7, 8

Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

Designed to be the first computer science course for students who have never programmed before, Introduction to Computer Science is an optional starting point for the PLTW Computer Science program. Students work in teams to create apps for mobile devices using MIT App Inventor®. They explore the impact of computing in society and build skills in digital citizenship and cybersecurity.

Beyond learning the fundamentals of programming, students build computational thinking skills by applying computer science to collaboration tools, modeling and simulation, and data analysis. In addition, students transfer the understanding of programming gained in App Inventor to text-based programming in Python® and apply their knowledge to create algorithms for games of chance and strategy.

Learning Targets

  1. Define the problem and analyze research to develop a solution
  2. Generate information in order to communicate observations, processes and results
  3. Collaborate effectively and allocate resources efficiently
  4. Apply mathematical and scientific principles to arrive at tangible solutions to complex scenarios