Gateway to Technology 1

1 Semester

7, 8

Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For:

Gateway to Technology 2


Gateway to Technology content is derived from engineering concepts and industrial practices. The student learns theories, science, and applications continuously evolving in manufacturing and engineering. Technological concepts are taught in a way that helps students understand the equipment, processes, and techniques used in modern technological societies.

The primary goal of Gateway to Technology is to promote technological literacy. To achieve this, Gateway to Technology prepares the students to understand, control and use technology. Adapting to technological change and dealing with factors which influence our present and future are reflected in the curriculum for Gateway to Technology.

Learning Targets

  1. T1: Recognize the importance of and demonstrate the ability to work safely and cooperatively in a classroom/laboratory environment.
  2. T2: Apply and evaluate the design process.
  3. T3: Synthesize information in order to share observations, processes, and results.