1 Semester

6, 7, 8

Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

This comprehensive health course is designed for middle school students. It covers basic information about body systems, disease, and hygiene. Students explore the various realms of health, including mental, social, and emotional health. In addition, students learn important life skills such as decision-making and refusal skills.

Learning Targets

T1: Community

  • Students will be able to access resources that will help them enhance their health.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate healthy ways to express needs, wants, feelings, and opinions.
  • Students will be able to evaluate the validity of health information, products, and services.
  • Students will be able to create something new to help the environment.

T2: Content

  • Students will understand the six dimensions of wellness and how they influence your health
  • Students will understand basic information about their body and benefits of healthy habits.
  • Students will understand and demonstrate the importance of decision making and refusal skills.

T3: Goal Setting

  • Students will be able to set, self assess, and evaluate health enhancing goals.

T4: Self Advocacy

  • Students will be able to express opinions about situations and health issues.
  • Students will engage in health enhancing behaviors to avoid or reduce health risks.