Cook. Eat. Live.

1 Semester

7, 8

Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

This course is a comprehensive study of foods and nutrition, including societal, cultural, economic, and technological factors. There will be an emphasis on food science as it relates to diet, food preparation, safety and sanitation, and successful food processes and products. Students will learn about career pathways related to nutrition, food science, and the culinary and hospitality industries.

Note: There is some cooking in this class so students will need to purchase groceries.

Learning Targets

  1. T1: Demonstrate responsibility, safety, and sanitation while executing proper food preparation techniques.
  2. T2: Analyze societal, technological and individual factors that influence nutrition and wellness of the individual and family.
  3. T3: Research, prepare and reflect on foods from diverse cultures.
  4. T4: Identify and evaluate skills needed in the foodservice industry.