Intro to Digital Arts

1 Semester

6, 7, 8

Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

The emphasis of this course is to foster creativity and self expression. The course is offered in a challenging environment where the development of original ideas that lead to innovative production is pursued.

This course is an introduction to applications that allow users to explore a variety of creative digital art activities. These may include the creation of photographs, videos, animations, graphic designs, illustrations, and designing a website. This is an exploratory course that can build a foundation for future studies in the digital arts.

Learning Targets

  1. (T1) CREATE: Students will generate, develop, and refine artistic work.
  2. (T2) PRESENT: Students will develop, refine, and convey meaning through the production and presentation of artistic work.
  3. (T3) RESPOND: Students will critically interpret intent and meaning in order to evaluate artistic work.