Service Learning

1 Semester


9, 10, 11, 12


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

In this course, students enrolled in our online classes are given the opportunity to search out the needs present in their local communities and discover how their service work can meet some of those needs. Students must spend at least 45 hours each semester (of which no more than 15 hours total can come from service to the immediate family) serving those around them. These experiences may be at but are not limited to, the following locations: food pantries, homeless shelters, libraries, schools, churches, nursing homes, hospitals, or protective shelters.

All Service Learning Agreement Forms must be submitted and approved by Service Learning Coordinator prior to ANY hours served. After completing the required service learning hours, students reflect on their experiences in a five-paragraph academic essay. All hours are documented and submitted to the teacher using the required Service Learning log sheet. The buttons below provide additional information for and access to the required forms for the class.


Service Guidelines

Service Learning Plan

Agreement Form

Log Sheet

Learning Targets

  1. To recognize the value of living in a community by observing first hand what people have to offer each other.
  2. To recognize the needs of the community around them and seek to meet those needs using their skills and talents.
  3. To recognize the needs of others and service to them that is prompt, reliable, and effective is valuable.
  4. To recognize the impact and the effect their service has on others and on themselves.