Full Year


9, 10, 11, 12


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For:

Anatomy and Physiology
Recommended Prerequisite for: Physics, AP Chemistry, Environmental Science

This course is an introduction to general biology and to the processes of scientific inquiry and thinking. It will include the fundamental principles of living organisms, including:

  • the physical and chemical properties of life
  • cellular organization and function
  • the transfer of energy through metabolic systems
  • cellular reproduction
  • the classification of living things
  • the six kingdoms of life

The main focus is to present biological information in an understandable and straightforward way that will capture the student’s interest while covering up-to-date principles and concepts.

Learning Targets

  1. Target 1: Obtain and evaluate information through accepted science and engineering practices
  2. Target 2: Know, use, and interpret scientific concepts correctly and appropriately
  3. Target 3: Recognize and apply crosscutting concepts as they appear in core scientific ideas as well as through time.
  4. Target 4: Employ appropriate literacy skills through writing, reading, and discourse in scientific and engineering contexts.

This is an NCAA-Certified Class

eAchieve Academy is an official NCAA-approved online instruction provider and this online Biology class meets the NCAA core course requirements. To see the full list of NCAA-approved online high school courses offered by eAchieve Academy, visit the NCAA Eligibility Center (use school code #502388).