Integrated Math I

Full Year


10, 11, 12


Prerequisites Needed:

Math 8 or Pre-Algebra

Prerequisites For:

Integrated Math II


Mathematical reasoning, effective communication, making connections and problem solving are key learning practices as students begin a deep investigation of the domains of Algebra, Geometry and Statistics within Integrated Math 1. Algebra provides a powerful method for describing interdependence and change – two ideas that are essential to understanding mathematics, often called the language of science. Geometry introduces the tools central to the study of space and spatial relationships extending student’s experiences with transformations, measurement, and creating viable arguments. These practices should become the natural way in which students come to understand, experience, and do mathematics across each of the domains within the integrated mathematics sequence.

Learning Targets

  1. Target #1 Procedural skills and fluency
  2. Target #2 Application and modeling
  3. Target #3 Communicate math understanding