American Literature

Full Year


11, 12


Prerequisites Needed:

Either of the 9th Grade English Classes: English 9, AP Prep English 9

And Either of the 10th Grade English Classes: English 10, AP Prep English 10

Prerequisites For:

AP English

American Literature is a year-long elective, though it can be taken for one semester. We use the Holt-McDougal American Literature online textbook as our main source of material.

The course is designed chronologically and moves from literature of the first settlers of America to contemporary literature. Students will read both fiction and non-fiction writing and experiment with different types of writing, from personal essays to persuasive and research-based papers. During semester 2, students will study an American novel in depth and choose a nonfiction book to discuss in an ongoing literature circle.

Throughout the year, students will work on visual presentation projects to teach them how to create an effective presentation and to also develop creative thinking skills.

Learning Targets

  1. T1 = Communication Target: Students can effectively communicate for a variety of purposes to a variety of audiences. (writing, speaking, digital media)
  2. T2 = Reading Target: Students can comprehend and evaluate both fiction and nonfiction texts.
  3. T3 = Language Target: Students can use a wide variety of words effectively, including general vocabulary and specific literary terms, and adhere to the standard rules of English grammar when communicating.
  4. T4 = Research & Inquiry Target: Students can conduct research for a variety of purposes (evaluating sources for validity and appropriateness), and provide accurate citations.

This is an NCAA-Certified Class

eAchieve Academy is an official NCAA-approved online instruction provider and this online American Literature class meets the NCAA core course requirements. To see the full list of NCAA-approved online high school courses offered by eAchieve Academy, visit the NCAA Eligibility Center (use school code #502388).