Accounting 1

Full Year


9, 10, 11, 12


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None
Related Careers:

Accounting…the language of business. Success in the business world begins with an understanding of accounting. This course covers basic accounting procedures, including preparing financial reports for starting, running and managing a business. If you have plans to attend college to pursue a degree in any area of business (Marketing, Administration, Management, Finance, Law, etc.), this course is for you! Successful completion of this year-long class earns you four Waukesha County Technical College credits, which are transferable to four-year universities.

Learning Targets

  1. Ethics: Analyze types of businesses and the need for ethical financial reporting.
  2. Careers: Investigate careers that require knowledge of accounting.
  3. Transactions: Differentiate the impact of business transactions on the accounting equation.
  4. Financial Statements: Produce, interpret, and evaluate the financial statements of a business.