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Located near Milwaukee, Brookfield, Pewaukee, Oconomowoc, and Muskego, eAchieve Academy is one of the best online schools in Wisconsin. Our virtual school options offer classes from Kindergarten to fifth grade on up to 12th. eAchieve Academy has built a reputation as being an effective alternative to homeschooling, public, and private schools. 5th grade students who enroll in our online school are never completely on their own thanks to tools like our weekly learning plans, but our curriculum has been specifically constructed for encouraging independence and self-management. While enrolled in our online 5th grade program, students will focus on a variety of subjects and skill building courses to improve their knowledge of:

  • Math
  • Creative Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Language
  • Logic & Reasoning
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Social Skills
  • Writing
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English Language Arts

At this level we want the students to be able to do more with the text they have read. Rather than refer to specific sections or passages, by the end of the coursework they should be able to use or at least paraphrase exact quotes from the text.

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In relation to the high intensity focus on fractions, we want for students to have a solid grasp on how to add and subtract fractions of different denominators. This includes how to convert basic fractions to common denominators as well.

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Health & Physical Education

eAchieve Academy’s focus for this year of physical education is to motivate students to choose to be physically active. Students will learn how to identify physical and psychological benefits resulting from maintaining a physically active lifestyle.

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Technology, Business, and Information Literacy

In fifth grade, eAchieve students will practice reviewing each other’s work, learning how to appropriately judge products, presentations, and the processes of their classmates.

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Art and Design

Our fifth grade students will learn more appropriate art vocabulary and will explore how artists through cultures and history have used art to communicate about their world.

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The Environment

eAchieve’s fifth grade students will be taught how to identify environmental questions answerable through the resources and equipment they have available.

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During their final year in elementary school, our students will practice singing accurately and with good breath control through their singing ranges, both independently and in groups.

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Your choices for K12 online school enrollment continue to become more and more diverse. Students have many more options beyond a traditional brick-and-mortar education. The only way to make the best choice for your child is to know all of your options. You may elect public traditional brick-and-mortar schools, virtual school options, independent schools, private schools and many different variations. Learn how to enroll in online school at eAchieve.

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Full Time Students

By choosing to enroll in online school, as opposed to attending a traditional, face-to-face school, students take learning into their own hands. While attending eAchieve Academy, you are taught the same materials and courses as a traditional school.

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Part Time Students

High school and home school students can enroll in one or two online classes every semester and still go to the same school you currently attend. eAchieve Academy offers a wide range of core classes, honors classes, AP classes and electives.

Part-Time Enrollment

Mid-Year Transfers

Students who want to transfer from their current school full-time to eAchieve for online high, middle or elementary school can do so for the remainder of the school year. To transfer to eAchieve during the school year, you must meet one of the open enrollment exceptions.

Immediate Transfer

Technology Requirements

Unlike attending a Wisconsin school district, if you attend school online, you need a computer with Internet access.

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Student Activities

Meet and interact with your online classmates! Just as learning has no boundaries, neither do friendships. Opt in, to never miss out.

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Special Education Classes

Our special education program makes online learning available for ALL Wisconsin students with personalized support based on the student's IEP.

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