2nd Grade The Environment

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

eAchieve Academy creates its lesson plans based on standards set by the state of Wisconsin, creating legitimate, quality online learning courses for students of all ages. By grade 2, our students will have a base of pervious environmental knowledge they will need to build on, including a more in depth look at ecosystems and natural cycles existing in the world.

Learning Targets

By the end of their year in second grade, students will be able to describe ecosystems in Wisconsin, both natural and human-built. Students will also have gained knowledge on the different types of adaptations organisms may make to adjust to their habitat in times of change. Utilizing their drawing skills, our students will be taught how to draw a simple hydrologic cycle to illustrate how water moves in the environment to see the importance of keeping our waters clean. It is around this grade level as well when our students will begin to identify environmental problems and issues needing some sort of resolution or solution.