Kindergarten Math

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

eAchieve mathematics lesson plans focus on two main aspects of mathematics at the Kindergarten level. First, in compliance with Wisconsin state standards we want for our students to understand the basic concepts behind whole numbers. Second, we focus solely on the two fundamental concepts of shapes and space.

Learning Targets

In relation to learning simple whole number concepts we expect our courses to adequately teach a variety of basic concepts. Most importantly a physical link between what the number actually is should be clearly established. This is accomplished by using a lot of physical items to visually represent numbers, equations, and other forms of basic math. Counting is of the upmost importance at this point in the education process. At this level students will also learn their basic 2-D shapes. This can be done through the use of physical models, identification of shape in everyday objects, and eventually students will be moved into the more advanced realm of 3-D shapes.