5th Grade Math

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

The majority of the actual coursework at this level is focused on fractions and their various functions.  The goal is to gain a solid foundation of fractions, how they operate, and decimal to fraction conversion.  It is essential in this phase our students have an improving grasp of fractions as this is one of the most essential principles for all forms of mathematics.  Future comprehension of basic mathematics and algebra is extremely difficult without a solid foundation. eAchieve Academy is able to provide our students with the background knowledge they need to be successful in their future education with or outside of eAchieve.

Learning Targets

In relation to the high intensity focus on fractions, we want for students to have a solid grasp on how to add and subtract fractions of different denominators.  This includes how to convert basic fractions to common denominators as well.  While this should be second nature we also want to develop a basic understanding of how to multiply and divide fractions as well.  Though, more advanced fraction multiplication and division will be learned in grade six it is necessary to at least establish the groundwork.  It will make things in future grade levels go much smoother.  In addition students should be drilled on the relationships between decimals and fractions.  Also, the basic concepts of volume are introduced as well (though we don’t go into any algebraic functions quite yet.)