3rd Grade Math

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

Just like with reading and writing the leap in mathematics is rather extensive as well.  For some eAchieve students, physical representations are still the standard, however, in order to effectively progress students must grasp how to mentally visualize what mathematical functions represent.  By the end of this course level we want for mathematical process to be able to come automatically, and most importantly the ability to appropriately use mathematics as a practical tool should strengthen even more.

Learning Targets

The introduction of division and multiplication are introduced at this level.  Also fractions, as well as basic same denominator addition/subtraction is represented as well.  Many student’s face problems with fractions, as the idea of using only “parts” of numbers can be extremely daunting.  Students should also learn what these new division and multiplication equations mean.  For example, we want them to be able to identify “4 x 7” as “7 groups of 4” or “7 groups of seven equaling 28 in total”.  This sounds menial, but it is important for basic algebraic understanding later on down the road.