2nd Grade Math

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

Math at the Grade 2 level is determined to continue from Grade 1, only now we want to introduce the basic concepts of actually using mathematics to solve problems.  Course design here is formulated around using reading and interpretation skills to take basic problems and convert them to their simplest mathematical forms.

Learning Targets

Quantifiably measurably learning goals include the ability to not only be able to count, but also work with time and money.  Also numeric place value of whole numbers should be learned.  The key focus here, however, is for the student to be able to use sentence structure, reasoning skills, and problem solving to begin to utilize mathematics as a tool to serve practical purposes.  We want to make a transition from the view of math as a simple exercise, to an ultimate tool in effective problem solving.  We will continue to work with shapes, but geometry is still considered to be a secondary learning objective at this point.