4th Grade Music

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

Students in eAchieve Academy’s fourth grade level will have years of musical experience to build on in this more challenging year. Our learning targets are structured around state standards so our students are able to gain the music education necessary to be on the same page as the rest of Wisconsin students.

Learning Targets

In fourth grade, students will learn how to identify ways in which other school subjects are incorporated through music. With this added knowledge, our students will be taught how to behave appropriately for different performances based on their context and style. Students will spend time listening to different genres and styles of music from separate historical periods and cultures in the world to better identify music through time and space. From this, they will work on describing, in simple terms, how the elements of the music they’ve spent time listening to vary between cultures. They will also take time to learn to identify the types of music they experiences in their daily lives and what characteristics make up the music they hear. By the end of fourth grade, our students will have learned how to describe and discuss the importance of the role of music in society and how it has impacted different times and cultures.