3rd Grade Music

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

Identifying, reading, and interpreting different types of music is important for students of all ages and, with eAchieve Academy, our third grade students will be focusing on building those skills. In compliance with the state of Wisconsin standards, our music education is comprehensive and engaging for all of our students.

Learning Targets

Our learning targets are structured around standards set by the state, meaning your students will learn everything they need to be successful beyond our online program. In third grade, our students begin to learn how to discuss music by describing various styles representing different cultures. Terminology will also be learned so students can better explain music notation, instruments, performances, and voices in their discussions. Aside from building communication skills, students’ hearing abilities will also be developed as they will be taught to identify the sounds of a different instruments from orchestras and bands. After discussions and listening, students will also learn how to critique their own performances or the performances of their classmates through constructive suggestions.