Kindergarten Technology, Business, and Information Literacy

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

Basing our plans off of the state of Wisconsin’s education standards, eAchieve Academy has technology, business, and information literacy learning targets for our Kindergarten students. From identifying problems or questions needing to be resolved or determining what is already known about a problem or question, the building blocks for developing problem solving skills are available through our online program at

Learning Targets

It’s at this level of education children can begin to learn surprising amounts of information. We teach our youngest students the ability to form questions used to figure out what more information they need when solving a problem. Our students are also taught how to seek out information, whether it be from human or non-human resources, such as books or computers. Categorizing ideas and phrases in order to sort through information will be learned in this program, but it will be relatively simple for our Kindergarten students, as they may have to identify items a business owns.

Our students will work creatively on their own or with others to develop resolutions for problem and decisions. This may be done through games and activities or art projects. Students will also practice using available information from personal knowledge and experience to produce solutions for new situations and will begin to practice communicating thoughts and feelings to others using verbal and non-verbal forms of language.