5th Grade Technology, Business, and Information Literacy

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

eAchieve follows the state of Wisconsin’s model academic standards when it plans its online courses. Our fifth grade students’ technology, business, and information literacy education builds off their past years of learning, continuing to improve communication and evaluation skills.

Learning Targets

In fifth grade, eAchieve students will practice reviewing each other’s work, learning how to appropriately judge products, presentations, and the processes of their classmates. Students will learn how to determine if information presented in various forms meets the needs based on the criteria of an audience or assignment while communicating suggestions on how the process or product can be improved. The implementation of personal and jobsite safety rules used to maintain and improve safety or health will be used to help teach students structure and discipline. Students will evaluate the effects of diversity in the community and world and will take time to explain how events in one part of the world may affects other nations, communities, and individuals from other parts of the globe. Continuing with a focus on people, fifth grade students will learn to explain how diverse groups can work together to overcome crises from local to global stages. Students will take what they’ve learned to work in groups with a variety of settings and contexts to develop innovative solutions and to demonstrate knowledge of a development process.