4th Grade Technology, Business, and Information Literacy

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

In line with the state of Wisconsin’s education standards, fourth grade students will be taught how to interpret and use information to solve problems and answer class questions. Identifying new information and learning how to integrate it with previous knowledge will give eAchieve students the skills they need to help develop their critical thinking.

Learning Targets

Building on these critical thinking skills, students will learn how to determine if information is relevant to the question being asked. Knowing how to select the right information and applying the information gathered in an effective way will be learned by the end of a student’s time spent in our program. Students will be expected to communicate their research results in an appropriate format and will practicing distinguishing between informative, entertainment, and persuasive presentations in the three types of communication modes: written, oral, and visual. Our fourth grade students will work with different presentation formats, including speech, video, and hypermedia while developing a product to communicate the results of their research. Engaging in systems thinking and inquiry processes, students will learn how to identify problems while analyzing the decisions they’re making as they try to develop social, economic, and ecological solutions also capable of meeting the needs of future generations.