3rd Grade Technology, Business, and Information Literacy

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

eAchieve Academy puts a focus on students when it comes to their technology, business, and information literacy. Third grade students will be taught in compliance with Wisconsin state’s standards, all while being encouraged to think about, practice, and develop their professional behavior in the classroom.

Learning Targets

Third grade students in eAchieve will continue to build their technology, business, and information literacy with learning how to record and organize their own information. Taking notes in their own words, recording sources of information, and recognizing the need to identify the author of any information copied will be taught and practiced in our online classrooms. The importance of arranging notes to help answer any problem or question will be emphasized and simple outlining techniques will be taught to help with this process. Students will learn how to list basic bibliographic sources for information used and positive work behaviors and personal qualities will be assessed for self-reflection and improvement when considering marketability in the work force. Developing positive relationships with others will be encouraged with our third grade students while they study interdependency among natural and human-built systems, including social, ecological, and economic health conditions.