1st Grade Technology, Business, and Information Literacy

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

In accordance with standards set by the state of Wisconsin, eAchieve Academy offers a well-rounded online education alternative for first graders giving them the opportunity to learn their technology, business, and information literacy skills from home. Encouraging problem solving and teamwork development, first grade students will continue to enhance their critical thinking skills.

Learning Targets

Our students are growing up in a world dominated by information. It’s important they learn to locate and access information sources, including how to recognize materials in a library and understanding their systematical organization. Using the classification system of a library, students will learn how to identify and use printed or electronic sources of information for their educational benefit or personal interest. Students will learn how to use keywords, authors, titles, and topics to find the resources they’re looking for. These lessons will branch out into using the internet, encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, atlases, and indexes correctly. Aside from learning how to sort through information, first grade students will also work collaboratively with others using interpersonal skills to resolve any possible conflicts while being able to identify the strengths, aptitudes, and passions of both their similar and diverse team members.