Kindergarten Health and Physical Education

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

In line with standards set by the state of Wisconsin, offers health and physical education lesson plants built around teaching students what they should know and be able to do in order to contribute to protecting and promoting their overall health, in and out of the learning environment.

Learning Targets

At this stage in their learning process, eAchieve students will work on developing age-appropriate understanding of health concepts. This will be done through teaching our students the ability to describe healthy practices, such as preventing accidents and injuries. Our learning targets will expand from this point and will include helping students learn to identify ways they can move safer through the world when dealing with communicable diseases. Identifying influences and how they affect behaviors at this point in their education will be a key in their K-5 learning. Our students will also be taught how to identify emotional, physical, and environmental factors able to influence their health decisions.

Apart from these lessons, our students will be informed on new ways they can move and be active. Basic locomotor and manipulative skills will be covered along with their ability to travel, bear weight, and complete balance activities through different functions and parts of the body. With a focus on weight transfer, dance, personal space, and jumping skills, our Kindergarten level students will rapidly progress towards being better equipped to practice better, safer physical health.