5th Grade Health and Physical Education

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

In line with the standards set by the state of Wisconsin, eAchieve Academy’s fifth grade health and physical education coursework will challenge students to build their communication and fitness skills to better suit a healthy future.

Learning Targets

eAchieve Academy’s focus for this year of physical education is to motivate students to choose to be physically active. Students will learn how to identify physical and psychological benefits resulting from maintaining a physically active lifestyle. Although exercising is important, students will also be taught the importance of monitoring themselves during workouts by using pedometers to help measure the distance they’ve traveled or steps they’ve taken during an activity. Goal setting will also be a main focus in this year of physical education, pushing students to view prolonged physical activity as an achievement and not a chore. Students will also learn the necessary communication skills they need to prevent, resolve, and reduce health risks both during and out of their physical activities. Learning refusal skills to help avoid health risks will also be taught during discussions regarding nonviolent strategies to manage conflict.