3rd Grade Health and Physical Education

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

In third grade, our students will work on refining their skill development in accordance with state standards set by Wisconsin. eAchieve’s coursework for third grade students covers physical and health education so our students can receive the knowledge necessary to lead successful lives.

Learning Targets

In third grade, students will mainly be focusing on developing “mature forms” when exercising. This includes learning how to jump and land, throw overhand, and catch fly balls using the correct practice so they can optimize the positive impacts on their body and decrease the risk of harm. Students will also be taught how to properly strike different objects using their hands or feet, these objects include the usual volleyball, baseball, soccer ball, etc. Movement, sport, and leisure skills will be used in combination to perform well in team sports, including dribbling, passing, jump rope, and other similar activities. Outside of their physical education, third grade students will also learn how to describe the relationships between the environment, healthy behaviors, and personal health. Various types of health (emotional, social, occupational, etc.) will be reviewed and discussed by students as well.