2nd Grade Health and Physical Education

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

Although an online alternative for school, health and physical education is still possible through eAchieve Academy. Our second grade students will build confidence and knowledge through our program, utilizing nutritional information and strength building activities to teach students about the importance of safety and perseverance in exercise.

Learning Targets

With second grade being one of the most important times in a child’s developmental stages, its important our students learn the basic guidelines they need for living a safe, healthy life. By the end of their time in the second grade program, our students will be able to demonstrate behaviors avoiding or reducing health risks, such as looking both ways before crossing streets or wearing safety gear such as seat belts and helmets when needed. Aside from safety, communication skills will continue to be taught and outlined through our lesson plans, helping our students identify ways to better express their actual needs or wants to family and friends. Beyond only knowing the difference between healthy and unhealthy behaviors, students will practice and learn how to share verbal and non-verbal indicators of enjoyment to understand how to communicate with or without words.

Establishing how to identify role models for healthy habits will be covered in second grade along with the importance of teaching students to lead by example, encouraging their friends and classmates to make healthy choices as well. An expectation of following rules, procedures, and practicing manners while remaining productive and motivated will be followed in our program. The concept of trying new things will also be encouraged along with perseverance in the face of failure or lack of success in locomotor, non-locomotor, or object manipulating activities. eAchieve’s emphasis on safety and confidence building for our second grade students will help prepare them for a healthier, happier future.