1st Grade Health and Physical Education

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

eAchieve Academy offers one of the best health and physical online education programs in Wisconsin because of our focus on teaching students the proper skills and knowledge they need to successfully progress through life. Our first grade students will continue to build on their decision-making process while beginning to consider setting goals for their own physical and nutritional health while an association between “physical activity” and “fun” is being formed.

Learning Targets

Identifying steps in their decision-making process and discussing their decisions with trusted family members or adults is expected to be learned by first grade students in the state of Wisconsin. Communication skills will be improved to meet these standards while students are taught how to provide examples of situations when a health-related decision is needed to keep themselves safe. Knowing how to communicate their ideas will also be enhanced through learning about the concept of setting a health goal. Analyzing the steps of achieving a goal will be taught to continue the process of learning how to critically think.

Health practices and behaviors will be considered with the implementation of proper hygiene, physical activity, and nutritional eating lessons into our plans. eAchieve students will learn about the short-term effects of physical activity on the heart, lungs, and muscles to better understand how appropriate practice leads to improved performance. Outside of gaining this knowledge, our first grade program will highlight the importance of engaging in physical activities for health benefits and how to continue having fun while doing so. Locomotion, non-locomotion, and manipulation of objects are covered in our plans, but because of their incorporation through games and activities, our students will be able to learn how to properly exercise without being bored or feeling negative about these practices. By the end of the first grade program, our students will be able to engage in a series of physical activities for increasingly longer periods of time without feeling as fatigued as they might at the beginning of the program.