Kindergarten English Language Arts

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

The eAchieve Academy in Waukesha provides an engaging approach for its Kindergarteners in a specifically created, all-in-one workshop. Our Waukesha online school provides solid core foundation in phonics, verbal communication skills, and basic comprehension.

Learning Targets

The eAchieve language arts portion for kindergarteners seeks to work to create a lesson plan working collaboratively with all Wisconsin state standards. The English language arts section can actually be broken down into three different categories: Reading, Writing, and Speaking/Listening.

In relation to reading at this level we try and keep lessons pretty basic. Students should be able to answer questions about the major events in a text, make some sort of relationship with similar stories, and be able to identify the key parts of the story (setting, characters, and main events.) A basic recognition of the different types of text, including but not limited to poems, storybooks, and short stories should be gradually acquired as well.

Writing skills at the kindergarten level tend to use a combination of drawing, dictation, and actual writing with large amount of assistance (particularly in the writing process) by adults. This essentially accomplishes three goals at once by allowing children to accurately express their ideas into their own words, as well as develop an actual premise for writing. The key thing to remember as an educator at this phase is the actual process for writing itself relies on a great deal of collaboration with adults at this stage. We want to focus more on comprehension rather than discourage students who aren’t quite developed enough to begin the physical process of basic writing.