5th Grade English Language Arts

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

At this point basic reading skills are expected to be at a relatively high level.  Attention should now be divided between both using reading, writing, and verbal skills, and basic skillset development.  Vocabulary and reading level should be advanced mostly on personal study and external development rather than relying on only school developed curriculum.   In other words, more emphasis is placed on the necessity of outside of the classroom study with eAchieve Academy.

Learning Targets

At this level we want the students to be able to do more with the text they have read.  Rather than refer to specific sections or passage, by the end of the coursework they should be able to use or at least paraphrase exact quotes from the text.  It should be used as evidence to demonstrate a particular point of view; either the students or the narrator of the story.  Students should be able to accurately summarize the text without getting off course.  It should be efficient, coherent, and to the point.  We want students to be able to use revision, proofreading, and other steps in the process to create more polished written works.