4th Grade English Language Arts

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

By the end of the fourth grade the fundamentals of reading, writing, and language comprehension should be firmly grasped in preparation for some of the more in depth language arts skills learned in the upcoming levels. eAchieve Academy begins to move away from standard vocabulary and comprehension drills with the hope students now possess the tools necessary to expand these areas on their own through external reading and interpretation of their usual course work.

Learning Targets

In both the reading and writing sectors of language arts we want for students to move away from “standardized” formats.  For example instead of using pre supplied transition words (first, second, last, also) children at this level should be encouraged to use their own specific language to write for two reasons.  One, it is imperative the students do not become too dependent on writing using one format, and one format only.  The writing process becomes a “fill in the blank” process at this point.  Also, this let’s children who are at more advanced levels really break off and experiment with their creativity.   In addition students should be able to refer to, and interpret information presented them verbally, in graphs, or other diagrams.