3rd Grade English Language Arts

Full Year


Prerequisites Needed: None
Prerequisites For: None

As the child’s brain begins to develop, and reading comprehension starts to take off, eAchieve Academy courses from this point on are intended to guide students into more independent reading practices.  We want to make a shift from simple “right and wrong” answers to having students ask “why?”  What we want is to start digging the foundation for basic argument creation and support for our Wisconsin students.  This is the level of English Language Arts where students’ individual learning levels begin to differentiate themselves.  When we move away from a strictly group (or rather, TOWARDS an individual) atmosphere for some students reading comprehension and the formulation of ideas comes naturally, for others it is a learnable skill, and a select few experience great difficulties.  Curricula and standards are set with this in mind so don’t fret.  Different children simply learn and develop at different rates than others, and this is completely normal.

Learning Targets

By the end of third grade reading courses students should be able to not only form their own conclusions when asked a question about the text, but they should do it with almost no guidance and be able to use specific examples from the reading to explain why they chose the answer they did.  At this level we also want to introduce the children into creating their own written composition.  This includes writing the three major types of basic essays: narrative, informative, and persuasive.   We want leap into more complex grammar, expand the pupil’s vocabulary, and start the teaching of basic research techniques.  Technology included in the language arts section may include HIGHLY monitored internet search engines and intro to keyboarding skills.